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Computer Repair Augusta GA

PC Repair Augusta GA

Compaq CQ60-215DX to the right was idling at a high 85+ celsius, which is overheat range. Bottom of laptop was extremely hot. Customer brought it in thinking it was virus related. Customer stated “it began running very slow for weeks ago and shutting down on it’s own, and would not start back up right away.” I felt the bottom of laptop, and installed a temperature program and ran a simple disk cleanup while the customer was still present.

Simple disk cleanup shot the temperature from 85-96 celsius. The laptop was overheating, this was the main problem, viruses were detected and removed later after the repair.
Basic Symptoms Of An Overheating Laptop: Bottom of laptop very hot, keyboard palmrest area hot, screen lines or distortion, laptop periodically just powers off, cpu & gpu temperature of 70-80+ celsius.

Another blog article here: Temperature Monitoring Software

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